Roll your way through a deadly maze within an ancient temple. The ball is in your court, as you bump, hop, jump, slide, swipe, splash and drag your way to the win. Read More
Genere:    |   Platform:    Touch Based  Mobile Game

Slime Star

Grab yourself a slimy critter and rush towards a path but becareful - There are deadly hoops blocking your twistiing paths on land and in the air. Read More
Genere:    |   Platform:    Touch Based  Mobile Game

Diving Ball 3D

Diving Ball 3D is an addictive platform game where you as the player need to keep a ball safe by falling on incoming platforms and avoid deadly obstacles. Read More
Genere:    |   Platform:    Touch Based  Mobile Game

Curse of the Sunken Temple

Curse of the Sunken Temple is a VR Gaming Platform aimed for Escape Room Operators and Arcade Owners. This platform hodls a multitude of coperative levels in a never before seen environment that reacts and adjusts the difficulty based on players progression. In addition, the platform enables the operator to control all levels and the order in which they are added to the game.
Genere: VR Experience   |   Platform:    VR  Oculus Rift  Leap Motion

Hack Tale

HackTale is the first in a series of educational visual novels aimed at teaching information security. The platform is based on classic detective style games - only dealing with humorous cyber crimes. Read More
Genere: Detective Visual Novel   |   Platform:    Unity  Browser Game

Sheeping Out

Sheeping Out is an exciting new puzzle game that offers up hours of countless fun. You need to push all the sheep in the farm directly to the exits without losing any to the hungry wolves that lurk about. Read More
Genere: Logic Puzzle   |   Platform:    Flash Game

Who is the Killer

Who is the Killer is a murder mystery board game for both single and multiplayer play. Players step into the shoes of one of 6 employees of a company that got caught up in a blackout and now must uncover who killed the boss. Read More
Genere: Online Board Game   |   Platform:    Flash Game  Multiplayer


Touchball is an innovation that creates a new format for gaming consoles. Providing hours of fun for those who love the social interactions of board games with amazing graphics and unique gameplay that touch based console can provide! Read More
Genere: Electronic Board Game   |   Platform:    Flash Game  Touch Based

My First Pixel

My First Pixel is a newly innovated touch based platform for toddlers. It provides hours of fun and excitement in a variety of activities including drawing, coloring, building blocks, decorating stickers, mini-games and much more. Read More
Genere: Electronic Toy   |   Platform:    Flash Game  Touch Based

Animal Farm Mayhem

Animal Farm Mayhem won 1st place in the #1 Gamecast by Mominis. Animal Farm Mayhem is a puzzle game for mobile devices where a farmer needs to herd the sheep on the farm without running into any wolves Read More
Genere: Logic Puzzle for Mobile   |   Platform:    Mobile Game

Living Room Dancer

Living Room Dancer is the ultimate innovation in rhythm based games combining both dancing and freestyle drumming on everyday objects. The game was displayed at the graduation of Beit Berl's class of 2007. Read More
Genere: Rhythm Game   |   Platform:    Flash Game  Physical Device


FreeStyle is a facebook app that gives people the ability to dress up their facebook friends. The game enables people to stylize their friends, dress them and match them up with a background of their choice. Read More
Genere: Online Dress Up   |   Platform:    Flash Game  Facebook App

Eco Team

Eco Team is a flash based mini game for elementary school children and is used to teach basic ecology. The player will pick one of three special agents that need to restore all animals back to their natural habitats. Read More
Genere: Educational Arcade   |   Platform:    Flash Game

We & You

We & You is an artisitc game with older platforms modified by artist Amit Goffer. The game peeks at the meeting of the Middle East and West; of Israelis and Gentiles. It is a literal shattering of the scafolding of Israeli culture Read More
Genere: Art Project   |   Platform:    Flash Game