Sheeping Out

Sheeping Out is an exciting new puzzle game that offers up hours of countless fun. You need to push all the sheep in the farm directly to the exits without losing any to the hungry wolves that lurk about.
Genere: Logic Puzzle   |   Platform:    Flash Game
Sheeping Out is a new take on previous mobile game Animal Farm Mayhem that won best game in 2009.
Tread carefully as you push all the sheep towards the exit markers in over 100 stages.
Puzzle and logic fans will familiar themselves with the sokoban like interface in this new modernized version.

Watch the trailer:

Additional features include:
Selecting your farmer avatar

Sick sheep that can only be pushed a limited number of steps

2 types of animals to push - Wolves and Sheep
You cannot leave a sheep next to a wolf unattended or it will get eaten

One way bridges that collapse as soon as you cross them


Walkthrough for all 100 stages is available. Just click on any of the thumbnails below:

#100 And to All a Good Night

#100 And to All a Good Night

#100 And to All a Good Night



Game Design: Tomer Mlynarsky
Art and Graphic Design: Prototype-Studio
Programming: Alex Polonsky
Music: Yarron Katz
Special Thanks: Michal Yaniv