Curse of the Sunken Temple

Curse of the Sunken Temple is a VR Gaming Platform aimed for Escape Room Operators and Arcade Owners. This platform hodls a multitude of coperative levels in a never before seen environment that reacts and adjusts the difficulty based on players progression. In addition, the platform enables the operator to control all levels and the order in which they are added to the game.
Genere: VR Experience   |   Platform:    VR  Oculus Rift  Leap Motion
Curse of the Sunken Temple is a brand new VR based platform that enables 2-6 players
to investigate a lost temple and attempt to reach the treasure room by passing the guardian's tests.
The platform is aimed for operators of Escape Room and Arcades and provides an experience
unlike anything that currently exists on the market.

Watch the trailer:

Unique features include:

No Controllers Required!

The game is entirely based on Leap Motion technology.
That means there are no controllers involved and players simply use their own hands.
No training or explanation required.

Build a new Challenge For Any Group of Players

You can play any number of levels and in any order the operator desires.
Currently the game contains 6 different levels and more are planned in the future.
As the operator, you can decide which levels the player will enjoy this time around.

Did some of the players already play the game? Let them try a different combination!
Didn't like some of the levels? Your players have different tastes? Want to try different skills?
You're running the show and can customize the game anyway you see fit.

Select the difficulty that suits your players!

Every single level comes with 3 modes - easy, medium and hard.
You can pick and choose difficulty based on whatever preference you want.
Faster and easier? Harder and tougher? Have your pick and you can do so for each level individually.

But wait - what if you misjudged your players?

That's what our platform is all about!
As the players face the challenges of the game,
the platform will evaluate their progress based on previous performances.
Are they playing faster than expected? The game will suggest to raise the difficulty.
Are they playing slower than expected? The game will suggest to lower the difficulty.

Ultimately, it's your choice
But why not get a helping hand from our analytics services?

Customize the experience for your players

At the end of the game, the players will recieve a congratulatory message. However, that message is completely up to you.

Do the players maybe want to wish someone a happy birthday in the group? Does someone want to pop the question?
You can completely customize the ending of the game for whatever your players may want.

You can even create an optional survey if you want, having the players answer any multiple choice question you want from them.
Including feedback for the game, your service in general or any other form of market research you wish.

Game Fully Scales to Number of Players

All games in the platform come fully scalable to the number of players.
Whether it's 2 or 6, the game will automatically adjust to the number of players.
More important - no player is left behind. Each player will always have something to do
as all levels in the game require full coperation from the team.

Expand Your Game With Ease!

The platform has been designed since day 1 to be easily expandable.
The number 1 complaint for all escape room experiences, is that it's a one time experience.

However, the platform was aimed to address this issue.
We have additional levels in development and because the operator can select whatever stages he wishes
You can add additional levels and gain an entirely different gaming experience.

And because we are expanding on our existing infrastructure you can be sure that our costs are low
and we'll provide you with an affordable experience as a result.
No need to buy new equipment, new settings or more real estate.
Infinite experiences are yours whenever you desire.


Note - Spoilers Below!
From here on out, are description of the levels in the game.


Temple Floor

The players reach the temple floor after exiting their submarine.
The players can have a free roaming of the environment as they swim 360 degrees anywhere they choose in the area.
Each player has a unique color suited for him.
The players for this introductory level simply need to touch the hand prints on the door that match their colors.